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Structural Mouldings

Structural Polyurethane Mouldings can be used in many different applications. Some of the uses for products we supply include:

Loud speaker hornflares 
Structural blocks for shape forming in Resin Transfer 
Hearing test box 
Foam cores for carbon fibre press moulding 
Moulded letters for use in Signage  

The above list mentions only a few of the varied applications for PU Structural Mouldings.

Key Benefits of Structural Mouldings

Product can be repeatedly produced
Accuracy of the moulded product
Insulation properties
Different densities of a product available from the same tool
Hard wearing and durable
Inserts can be moulded in
Weight saving
In mould Painting

In Summary

Polyurethane Structural Mouldings are used in many different industries and are now been used increasingly in in new applications. In our experience, PU can replace many different processes, such as fibreglass mouldings, cnc machined mdf, shaped polystyrene and even wooden parts. The vast specification options of PU ensures it is a viable option for many different applications.