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Insulation Products

Polyurethane Insulation is used in many situations, varying from household to industrial. Combass supplies insulation products for customers to use in applications such as:

Pump Insulation 
Water Tank Insulation 
Quick Release Fittings 
Beverage Dispense Sytems 

PU has many advantages over other insulation products, key ones of which are listed below. 

Key Benefits

Provides greater insulation than traditional products (e.g. K Value for expanded polystyrene is 0.040  W/m C, whereas the K Value for PU Insulation is 0.020 W/m C).
Accuracy of moulded parts
Speed of Production
Can be moulded in a variety of densities to give different insulation values all from the same tool
More durable than alternatives

In Summary

Polyurethane is an easily moulded insulation which provides superior insulation properties with the added advantage of an improved cosmetic appearance.