Vacuum Forming
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Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming is the process of taking a flat sheet of material; heating it; stretching the material; then providing a vacuum whereby the heated sheet wraps around a tool to form the required shape. 

We have used vacuum forming to produce products for a number of applications, including:

Water Tank Liners (Image 1)
Water Tank lids (Image 2) 
Cowls for speakers, and various other applications.

Key Benefits

Vacuum forming tools are cost effective
Different materials can be used on the same tools preventing the need for multiple tools
Tooling is quick to produce
Small production runs are viable
Temporary tooling can be used for certain products to assess viability prior to mass production
Vacuum formed product easily insulated

In Summary

Vacuum forming is a cost effective way of producing shaped plastic mouldings for use in a variety of situations.