Rubber and Elastomer Mouldings
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Rubber and Elastomer Mouldings 

Rubber and Elastomer mouldings are used in applications were an accurate high quality moulding is required.

Combass produces mouldings for different applications, one of which is pipeline analysis (Images above). During this specific process, Elastomer is moulded in a 2 metre CNC Machined tool. The product is then used to make a seal for encasing delicate electronic equipment subsequently wrapped around pipelines for monitoring purposes. We have also moulded elastomer around electronic circuitry to give insulation and protection for sensitive encased equipment

 Key Benefits

High quality flexible, semi flexible or rigid mouldings
Accuaracy of moulded product
Large array of rubber and elastomers available to give exact required properties   
Intricate moulding acheviable
Fast tooling
Large selection of colours avaiable
Good abbrasion / chemical resistance of finished product so able to withstand many perils

 In Summary

 Rubber and Elastomer Mouldings produce high quality products with properties required for applications.